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Our mission:

To connect local farmers, producers and artisans to the community of Clayton and the surrounding area.  We hope to connect local farmers, producers and artisans to local consumers by providing easier access to one another than through conventional means which often present logistical challenges.  This provides unparalleled opportunities for learning about the production means of foods, consumables and artistry as well as needs of customers.

Clayton Farm & Community Market provides a space, convenient to local farmers, producers, artisans and consumers alike, where this mission can be accomplished; thus helping to create and reinforce the bonds that form community.

Clayton Farm and Community Market, located at 348 E. Main Street, Clayton, NC, opened in April of 2009 and has been featuring locally produced foods, arts and crafts ever since.  CFCM features vendors coming from within 100 miles of Clayton, NC; with most of the food produced within 50 miles.

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Hours of Operation:

Regular Season:
April 3 - December 18, 2021 - Every Saturday from 9am - 1pm

Winter Season 2021-2022
January 8th, 22nd:  from 10am - 1pm
February 5th, 19th:  from 10am - 1pm
March 5th, 19th:  from 10am - 1pm

Resume Regular Season April 2nd, 2022


Horne Square - 348 E. Main Street, Clayton, NC

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